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Writing Coach Services

INITIAL CONSULTATION AND WRITING REVIEW: I'm excited about the opportunity of becoming your writing coach! This can be a wonderful adventure, one that unlocks your potential and sharpens your skills. My role as a coach is to identify your ability and help you use it to achieve your writing goals. Our first step is to have a personal meeting to see if we connect. Perhaps we've already done that. Our second step is for me to review your current writing. The standard fee for this REVIEW step is $500.00, after which you will receive detailed feedback on your current work and the best plan to bring out your potential and achieve your goals. Click the button above to pay for your REVIEW. 

MONTHLY COACHING PLAN: Now let's move on from REVIEW to the payment for my monthly services. This payment is a tailored fee agreed upon by you and me. The fee is programmed into this purchase plan, and you may pay monthly by clicking the above PayPal button. If the fee that appears does not reflect what we discussed, by all means contact me at [email protected]